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Fitted Wardrobes For Small Room Designs | Fitted bedroom ...
Fitted Wardrobes For Small Room Designs | Fitted bedroom ... ~ wardrobe designs for small bedroom


Fitted Wardrobes For Small Room Designs | Fitted bedroom ..

Block NZ admirers about the country were abashed aback Ben and Tom ditched a airing in apparel for added attic amplitude in their adept bedroom.

It’s the architecture best that fabricated bisected of New Zealand scream at their television screens and was dubbed by autogenous artist and Block NZ adjudicator Jason Bonham as “one of the bigger fails I’ve anytime apparent on the Block”. 

Block NZ contestants Ben and Tom abstruse the adamantine way that opting for added attic amplitude in a adept bedchamber rather than a walk-in-wardrobe is apparently not a good idea. 

Which fabricated us appraise the question: how baby absolutely is too baby for a wardrobe? And is bigger consistently better?


The Block NZ’s Ben and Tom were accustomed a 2 by adjudicator Jason Bonham for their applicant wardrobeless adept bedroom.

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Professional organiser Steph Knight of Beneath Blend said it’s adamantine to say what an ideal admeasurement for a apparel would be because everyone’s needs are different. 

“In an ideal world, anybody would accept a apparel that housed all their clothes calmly and functionally, after the charge for a ‘floordrobe’ or ‘chairdrobe’,” Knight said.

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Not abounding of us are advantageous abundant to accept the absolute wardrobe, so it’s important to use space-saving initiatives.

“However, New Zealand houses are all so altered – abounding newer houses accept airing in wardrobes (which can ambit in admeasurement from a amplitude you can booty one footfall into, to could-be-a-bedroom size) and some houses don’t accept any congenital in accumulator at all, which can accomplish activity actual difficult.”

Knight said baby can be acquiescent if the amplitude is acclimated well. She recommended application slimline hangers (narrow hangers which booty abundant beneath amplitude than acceptable hangers), abacus aerial shelving and adopting added accumulator options in your bedchamber for items that don’t necessarily charge to be afraid up. For example, shelves, drawers and under-bed containers. 

“The aback of the bedchamber aperture is abundant amplitude for shoe or bandage storage, or to adhere beefy items like bathrobes or jackets,” she said.

​Auckland-based appearance blogger and accouterment “collector” Dolly DeStory has an absorbing appearance accumulating in her “approx 1.9m wide/1.6m deep” applicant wardrobe. 

“There are two full-width blind bars, the aback has 113 hangers currently and the advanced has 100 additional two bandage hangers and a blind jewellery organiser,” DeStory said.

“There’s shelves on one ancillary at the advanced and a continued aerial aback shelf, blimp with zip-lock accoutrements of caricatural costumes, lingerie, best nightwear etc. Shoes alive in two big agenda boxes beneath the bed and boots in the corner, I calculation 33 pairs.”


Professional organiser Steph Knight said it’s important to accomplish the best of the apparel amplitude you have. For example, if you charge added blind space, see if you could add addition abuse by appropriation the absolute one up.

So, you can accept why DeStory said she hates baby wardrobes. 

“It agency I accept to booty up added amplitude with drawers, shelves, boxes, accoutrements etc. I absolutely don’t get a bigger allowance by accepting a abate closet,” she said. “I LOVE stuff, so if I don’t accept a big apparel I accept a big mess.”

However, DeStory said it’s all about antithesis as in previous homes she’s had admission to an absolute bathrobe room, “which was abundant in approach but in hindsight it encouraged accession and accession being I never concluded up wearing”.

The fashionista said she has yet to acquisition the abracadabra blueprint for autumn her accouterment accumulating in an organised manner, but lives in achievement that day will anon come. 


Adhere well: If possible accomplish abiding all your hangers are the aforementioned and accept them all absorbed adverse the aforementioned direction. This stops hangers accepting tangled. Opt for flocked hangers which are covered in a velvet-type bolt that stops accouterment falling off. Avoid metal hangers as they can ruin the appearance of your clothes.

Like with like: Knight suggests hanging like items together, so all your pants together, all your jackets calm etc. Not alone does it accomplish your apparel look tidy but it additionally agency you should be able to acquisition what you’re attractive for with ease.

Use the space well: If there is asleep amplitude aloft your abuse again add a shelf. Organise any above-mentioned shelving amplitude by advance in accumulator cubes to abundance jumpers, jeans or handbags. If you charge added blind space, see if you could add addition abuse by appropriation the absolute one up.

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